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New Storm Windows

Storm windows are a great option for anyone who has old windows in their home and is averse to the high price of window replacement. These products can be installed as interior or exterior mounts, and can dramatically improve home energy performance without the necessity of removing the old window units with new ones. They can also be a great option to improve the comfort in your home if you live in a rental house or apartment. Although these products are not as effective in increasing the insulating performance of window openings as are new window replacements, they have been shown to make a significant impact in drafts and air movement in homes where they are installed, so they do make a big difference in heating and cooling costs and home comfort.

Storm Window Types

Storm windows are available for virtually all types of windows. They are available in exterior or interior mount models, meaning you can install them either on the inside or the outside of the primary window unit. They range greatly in price and quality, and buyers can find answers to their questions about storm windows and something to match up with virtually any budget. Inexpensive plastic sheeting or film can be had for a very low cost and is somewhat effective at cutting down drafts from single pane window units in the winter weather. And triple track low E storm windows offer long term year round use with great benefits in all seasons.

Many different materials are used in the manufacture of these home improvement products. Glass, plastic panels, or even plastic sheets with specialized optical characteristics may be utilized in different models. Laminated glass and polycarbonate plastic is also available, with both of these materials offering much greater durability and resistance to breakage.

Interior vs. Exterior Storm Windows

An interior storm is normally much more convenient than one mounted on the outside of the house windows. First of all, for obvious reasons they are much simpler to install and remove as needed. These storm units are also simpler to take care of and maintain because they are right in front of you inside the home and do not get exposed to the outside elements and the effects of nature and the weather.

Normally they are also more effective at cutting down on drafts than an exterior mounted storm, because they are able to seal more tightly and uniformly to the primary unit. These are usually the best choice for apartments and also for houses with more than one floor, because they can be installed, removed, and worked on without having to get up on a ladder. One thing to keep in mind is that folks who can afford high grade exterior storm windows can usually afford an upgrade to energy efficient replacement windows.

Storm Window Features

The glass pane types of storm windows offer users greatly improved visibility and last much longer than those with plastic panes, but their downsides are their heavy weight and fragility. Generally, plastic options are more economical and work better for renters who don't want to spend too much or for those of us on a tight budget. The trouble is that this type is also easier to damage. Plexiglas and acrylic are stronger than plastic but easy to scratch as well.

Today's storm windows come in a range of frame materials from wood to vinyl. There are many great products out there and buyers are encouraged to get quotes on top quality materials from local suppliers. Use the form at the top of this page to contact us and get prices on windows to increase your home's comfort.