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Aluminum storm windows can make a great addition to your home. They are amongst the other varieties that include vinyl storm windows, which are also very popular, especially when being used as replacement windows. But there is something about the storm window that is unique and when factoring in aluminum, it makes it even more unique. They are especially useful in protecting the home against storms. Usually, the windows fall victim to storms first, but not in the case of the storm window.

Aluminum storm windows can withstand the abuse that is inflicted on them by the weather. This is one reason why they are frequently used in coastal environments. Although it is customary for individuals who live in coastal areas to board up their windows and their doors when a hurricane is coming, each window still has to withstand a lot of abuse and a lot of water that seeps behind the boards. It is very important that the water doesn't get through.

Locations for Aluminum Windows

As you now know, many living in coastal regions will opt for aluminium storm windows because the aluminum stands up well to the weather. This means that it works well in other areas as well. For instance, those areas that are prone to storms will have homes that take advantage of aluminum. This means being able to stand up to the high winds, the hard rains, and even the snow in the winter.

There is an insulation factor that comes into play with aluminum storm windows. This is an insulation factor that is similar to that of wood. Wood is one of the best insulators, but it does not take long for it to fall victim to the temperature fluctuations that can occur, as well as the wear and tear from the weather. Over time, it tends to crack and separate, which leads to a draft in the home.

For colder climates, the aluminum keeps the draft out and this can save on the heating bill. There is nothing to crack or separate, so this is another advantage, which leads to the aluminum storm windows lasting for a long time. They can last decades compared to their predecessors. So when a bad storm comes, you are able to rest assured that you will not have any water coming inside and that you will not have to deal with a draft during the storm.


Aluminum storm windows look very nice. The cleaning is very simple. All you have to do is wipe them down. You can have the type that will allow you to fold them in toward you while you are standing in the house so that you can clean them. This makes for easy cleaning, which means you'll be able to keep them looking nice. This makes maintenance very simple as well so that you can ensure their longevity.

There is one issue, however, that some homeowners do not like about aluminum storm windows and that's the fact that they can't be painted. The metal is too slick for any type of paint, so if you want to paint them blue or another color that is something that can be rather difficult to do. Most individuals, however, are satisfied with the standard white and silver that they come in. They look very neat and very clean, especially since the aluminum is easy to clean.

The overall maintenance of aluminum storm windows is rather simple. Regular soap and water usually does the trick in cleaning. Any hinges can usually be cleaned just by greasing them a little with a little grease. Any time that you hear a squeak, all it needs is the same kind of lubricant you use on hinges. if the aluminum is looking a little dull or smudged, all you need is a little soap and water. It is through these simple maintenance tasks that you can make sure each window lasts for a very long time.

It is not out of the question for aluminum storm windows to last for decades if they are taken care of. First of all, the investment itself is a rather affordable one. Over time with the energy savings from eliminating drafts and the fact that you won't be replacing each window prematurely again and again. This in itself will save you a lot of money.

So when you are looking for a valuable investment, aluminum storm windows can make for a great improvement to the home. It is a worthwhile investment that is going to save you money throughout the years. When you think about it, between the energy savings and the longevity, you are going to receive a return on your investment over time. That is something that some home improvements cannot claim because they don't last that long.

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