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Can I Paint Storm Window Trim?

Overtime, the trim around your windows can begin to look faded or you may grow tired of seeing the same trim color year after year. If these things occur, you may begin wondering about the possibility of changing the color of the trim to freshen things up. Rather than purchasing replacement trim, painting them can be a much more economical option that can provide a great new look for the property. However, care must be taken with this project because one major mistake can cause large future issues for you. As such, here are some tips for painting and purchasing storm window trim so that you can transform the exterior of your property into the look that you desire.

Preparing for the Job

The first consideration to make regarding the decision to paint your storm window trim is determining when to complete the job. This decision will really depend on where you live since different locations have different climates. However, in general, the late spring months or early summer can usually be a great time for this painting project. Late spring and early summer are great times because they typically offer the mildest weather, without excessive heat. The most important thing is to select a week when there is a slim chance of rain or severe storms. This will give the painting on the trim the proper time it needs to dry, allowing you to avoid unnecessary problems.

Next, be sure to spend some time considering the color of paint you would like to use on the trim. If you are using a different replacement color than what is currently on the trim, you must ensure that the new color will mesh well with the other colors that are on the exterior of the property. Specifically, you will want to ensure that the siding and window trim colors complement each other to avoid an unpleasing color palette. Also, be sure that the proper type of paint and a high quality brand is chosen. This is very important because you will want the paint job to last for a long time to avoid repainting it again a short time in the future.

Another preliminary task that you will need to complete is removing any dirt and grime from the trim that is on the house. This process can be completed by scrubbing the trim with soap and water and also by lightly sanding it, depending on the material that the trim is made from. This initial cleaning task is very important since it will provide a clean surface for the paint to go on smoothly. Additionally, the light sanding of the trim can provide a slightly roughened surface that will allow the paint to attach to a little easier. Be sure to allow the trim that you have washed to dry completely before you begin painting so you can avoid problems with the paint sticking to the trim.

Checking for Issues

Before you begin to paint storm window trim on your house, you can take the opportunity to inspect the window frames and trim for issues. These are prime locations for the growth of mold and mildew, which can lead to major problems in the future. As such, before you begin to paint the trim, take some time to inspect the surrounding areas for any signs of trouble. If you do notice that mildew has taken hold, you should first resolve this issue and then carry on with the painting. Hopefully, by painting the trim, you will finally have the exterior house appearance you desire.

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