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Cleaning a Storm Window

Cleaning a storm window doesn't need to be complicated as long as you take some safety precautions and learn about the best cleaning techniques before beginning the project. Keeping the quality storm windows on your property clean is very important because this will help to ensure that they continue working their best and will also provide the chance for you to inspect them for issues.

It can be helpful to create a cleaning schedule so that you don't accidentally overlook this project with the hectic life schedule that you likely lead. Typically, people choose to clean their storm windows one time each year. This time can be in the spring months when the weather begins warming where you live or any other time of year that you feel is appropriate. Again, the most important thing regardless of when you do it is that this job be completed regularly.

Removing Windows for Cleaning

The first step you will need to take when cleaning a storm window is to remove each window that you intend to clean. The window removal process will depend on the type of windows that you have as well as the material that is used on their frames. For example, with a triple track style of window, the window will typically need to be removed from inside the house and each pane will need to be removed separately.

Be sure to use safety precautions when removing the windows, such as by wearing gloves and taking your time during the process. If a window is not coming out of the frame as easily as you think it should, take your time with the process and don't use excessive force. Be sure to note that certain window frame styles, such as wood, can swell over time, making them more difficult to remove.

Inspecting Each Window

After you have removed each window that you intend to clean, the next step before actually cleaning them is to inspect each one. The inspection process is important because this is the time when you can look over each window for signs of chips or excessive wear. This inspection process can also help to reveal any repairs that will need to be made or if any of the windows will need to be replaced. If you see any issues that need to be corrected, be sure to make them promptly rather than letting them continue any longer.

Completing the Cleaning

Depending on the type of storm windows that you own, often the best cleaning technique to use is to lean the window up against a wall and to place a towel underneath of each one. By placing the towel underneath each window, you will avoid things such as mud and grass getting into them as water begins to gather. Additionally, the extra water runoff will then be caught by the towel to avoid any other problems related to the runoff.

Soapy water with a bucket and a rag are usually the best materials for cleaning a storm window from your house. By using this technique, you will avoid using an excessive amount of water, as would occur when spraying them with a hose and will also be able to clean them much more efficiently.

Use care to not use excessive force when cleaning a storm window with a rag because you wouldn't want to cause any unnecessary damage to the various window elements. After you are satisfied with the cleaning job, the windows can then be reassembled and put back into the frame to sparkle as they did when they were first purchased.

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