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Are there Eco-friendly Storm Window Options to Choose From?

There are options for any homeowner looking to buy storm windows, or replace storm window hardware, that not only provide protection from the elements, but also provide a bit of protection for the environment. These options offer the kind of dependability and performance needed out of a set of storm windows. But, they do not make use of materials that might be viewed as anything but eco-friendly.

Choosing your Storm Window Material

There are relatively inexpensive storm window options found in storm window kits. These kits sometimes contain plastic that can be sized and affixed to your existing windows to provide protection against extreme weather conditions. Plastic may not be the first choice for an environmentally sound or eco-friendly material. However, it can be recycled.

If you choose to make use of a storm window kit you could get a few seasons of use from it. When they have served out their useful life you could bring them to a local recycling place. There may be limitations with this depending upon the types of plastic your local recycling place is able to take as well as the exact make of the plastic you obtained from the storm window kit.

This option may work if a temporary set of storm windows is viable for your home. For a more permanent set of eco-friendly storm windows, you could opt for wood framed storm windows. Wood is often considered a relatively expensive material to use for window frames. However, it is one of the best choices for making your storm windows environmentally friendly.

Wood provides excellent insulation and should the windows need to be replaced and require disposal, wood can easily be re-purposed if not recycled in a more typical way. For wood storm windows you may be looking at a much higher investment, but you will be getting more use from them. Additionally, wood can enhance the appearance of the home in a way that adds value to it.

So, when the time comes to sell the home you may be looking at getting a higher price for it. Even if the storm windows you purchase will be stored in your garage for the warm months, they can still be of good use for the next owner of the home. Choosing an eco-friendly storm window material may be dependent upon the budget you have. Whether you have a small budget or a large budget, there are options for you to get storm windows that will make a positive impact on the environment.

Other Options to Consider

Keep in mind that if you do buy storm windows rather than a storm window kit, the type of glass you purchase can have a lot to do with the windows providing eco-friendly use. Look for storm windows that offer Low-E glass. Low-E glass has been treated with a microscopic gas that helps keep harmful UV rays out as well as provide ample insulation. These are more ecologically sound as they are designed to keep heat loss in the home to a bare minimum and this can translate into greater energy efficiency.

Most any homeowner appreciates energy efficiency since it means lower heating bills. Greater energy efficiency also has an affect on the environment at large since the amount of electricity or gas used to heat the home is kept under control. Storm windows can also be environmentally made more useful and friendly by simply adding carefully chosen window dressings. Thick drapes or even various types of window shades can enhance storm windows and their performance making these eco-friendly and affordable options to choose from, too.

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