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What Happens if my Storm Windows Don't Fit Properly?

Installing storm windows on your property is one of the best ways to protect against storm damage and also to improve the energy efficiency that is offered by the property, as well as your modern home feel. These windows can typically be installed on the inside or the outside of the existing windows, depending on the type you have purchased and will offer many wonderful benefits. However, if proper measurements were not taken before the products were purchased, you are taking the risk of them not fitting correctly. This can a disheartening situation to face and may leave you wondering about the options that are available to correct the issues. Here are some tips for how to resolve this type of situation as well as how to ensure that such a problem never happens to you again.

Fixing Improper Fits

If you order storm windows only to discover that they do not fit properly into the window frames, you are going to be facing a frustrating situation. This can be very frustrating to deal with because you will be left with windows that don't fit and your storm protection needs unfulfilled. First, your initial action should be to contact the manufacturer of the windows to inquire on if the windows can be returned and replaced with other choices. This can be a beneficial thing to inquire about because they may have a return policy that will be beneficial for you in this type of situation.

However, if you order windows that do not fit and they are non returnable, then you may need to sell them independently and then purchase other replacements with the money that you earn from the sale. This may be necessary because improper fitting windows simply aren't going to function properly and, in many cases will simply be useless for the property. However, if you haven't yet faced such a situation, it can be very important to be as diligent as possible with placing the correct window order. This is important since it will allow you to avoid the problems that others have faced.

How to be Proactive

Typically, the best thing that you can do when ordering storm windows is to first properly measure the storm windows that may currently be on the property. If you own older storm windows that are no longer functioning as they should, this is likely why you have decided to purchase replacements in the first place. As such, remove them from the house and complete the proper measurements on them. By doing this, you will ensure that you have the accurate details that will be needed to place your order with a local manufacturer. Additionally, you may want to inspect the current windows for dimensions that may be listed on them. This may very well be the best option to avoid taking inaccurate measurements.

Another option to ensure you are never left wondering what happened if your storm windows don't fit is to inquire with the manufacturer you are ordering windows through if you can return storm windows that you purchase. This can be important to inquire about because, if by some chance the windows do not fit, you will be able to return the order and replace them for the correct size of products. In all, hopefully having windows that do not fit is a situation you should never need to deal with. However, if they are too small, you will simply need to find other replacement options because having a tight window seal is essential for the windows to function properly.

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