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Using Energy Efficient Storm Window Glazing

Making use of storm windows alone can be a cost effective way to achieve greater energy efficiency. The added insulation that can be had from storm windows can actually make buying an entirely new set of energy efficient windows unnecessary. At least, this can be the case until there is enough money set aside for the purchase of a new and more efficient set of windows.

The important thing to understand is how the glazing added to a window can enhance the ability for that window to protect against not just harsh weather, but also offer much greater insulation or protection from air infiltration. This is one way that a storm window with added glazing can make heating and cooling your home a much more affordable expense month after month. There are several options for window glazing.

Choosing a Glazing

Many windows are treated with glazing when they are manufactured. A window may feature something known as a Low-E coating. This is a very thin coating applied to the glass on one, or sometimes both, sides. What this Low-E coating does is enhance the glass's performance allowing it to keep harmful sun rays out, minimizing condensation and so on so that the effect for the inside of the home or building is greater energy efficiency.

If you are trying to make use of a set of storm windows or maintaining current storm window shutters while saving for a more energy efficient new set of windows, you can find several ways to enhance their ability to perform like a well-treated energy efficient set of windows. A simple way to achieve this is to visit a local home supply or hardware store and purchase plastic or acrylic cut to fit the size of the windows. You simply affix the plastic on top of the storm windows and the added layer helps to instantly increase the home's energy efficiency.

The drawback to some of these plastics is that they can yellow over time, although you could double check when making a purchase to see if there is any warranty offered. Some of these materials are warranted for a few years. However, if you are just looking for a temporary solution to enjoy immediate energy efficient benefits, this may not affect your purchase decision or ownership of the existing storm windows.

Another option is to actually purchase a Low-E coating from a hardware or home supply store. This coating would need to be applied to each window according to the label directions. The benefit to doing this is that you can try on just how well this makes for improved efficiency around the home. It could encourage you to save for a new set of windows sooner rather than later.

Buying New or Using Old

Getting the most use out of existing storm windows can be a cost effective and energy efficient alternative to buying a new set of window replacements that offer the latest in energy efficient treatments and performance. By opting to use an affordable glazing on an existing set of windows you can see for yourself how much of a difference is had on heating or cooling bills first hand. The fix will have been an inexpensive one, but a useful one.

While you wait to save for an entirely new set of windows, you do not have to allow your energy bills to continue to put a strain on your budget. You can enjoy saving money now that can be put towards a new set of windows by using energy efficient storm window glazing. It is a more practical and affordable fix than you may have thought.

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