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Hanging Storm Window Blinds

An easy, affordable way to enhance the performance of your existing storm windows is to hang window coverings inside your home. It may seem like hanging window coverings will not do very much, but the reality is that they do much more for you than the windows alone will. For one thing, instead of simply having bare storm windows exposed in each room, which would not be very practical for most homeowners, you can add some decor to each room by hanging window coverings.

You can choose different hangings for each room, based upon the style you are looking to achieve. But, in adding window blinds to your storm windows, you are actually adding a layer of insulation and protection against outside elements thereby increasing the effectiveness of the storm windows. When it comes to choosing a storm window blind, there are naturally many options and styles available.

Storm Blind Options

Storm window blinds can be found in more than just different sizes and colors. They can range from blinds that are built into a storm window itself to blinds or shutters that are installed on the exterior of a building. These are often controlled by a motor that rolls them up or down as needed. Choosing which types of storm window blinds are right for your needs has much to do with your budget, as well as the region in which you live.

For most homeowners, choosing hanging blinds that are sized to fit your storm windows is relatively simple and inexpensive. Depending upon the material you purchase your blinds may require nothing more than making certain they are measured to fit the window openings. You would simply affix any necessary hardware to the inside of the window so the blinds can be installed.

If you are going to be purchasing blinds made of wood or blinds that will add a layer of protection to a large set of windows, such as windows facing the front of a home, the purchase and installation may be more complex. This is especially the case for windows of an irregular shape. Standard blinds available for purchase in a home supply store will unlikely be able to be purchased to cover these types of windows properly.

It will not just be the types of window shapes you need to size blinds for, it will also be the type of climate which you need added protection for from a set of storm window blinds. If your home is located, for example, in an area that experiences hurricanes or strong off shore winds, you may be more interested in purchasing the type of storm window blinds that are custom made to fit each window and complement your interior decor while offering added protection. There are wood blinds that are treated to withstand moisture and UV rays.

Their durability adds a layer of protection and can even block out noise. However, many of these types of blinds are specifically designed to aid storm window performance during storms where there are strong or hurricane force windows. You will want to look for window blinds that are designed for homes in areas such as these, if this is the case for you.

Storm window blinds may need to be custom ordered and installed, however, which makes these a slightly more expensive investment. Yet, for the added beauty and protection they provide the inside of your home the expense should be well worthwhile. Hanging storm window blinds can do a lot to allow more privacy into your home as well as help keep you safe, protected and keep energy costs down.

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