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Are Storm Windows Hard to Install?

If you realize that your home could use the added insulation and protection offered from a set of storm windows, you may understand that investing money on the purchase of these storm windows will be a worthwhile expense. Yet, if you are a homeowner who is not particularly skilled at doing home improvement projects on your own, you may be concerned about how much it will cost to have these units professionally installed. As with any other type of window, having a storm window installed correctly is very important to that window being able to perform at its greatest efficiency.

Besides this, if you are unable to manage a task like this because of safety concerns you may feel that there is no other option but to be ready to pay for a set of storm windows together with paying a professional contractor to install them for you. The reality is, however, that there are many options to choose from when it comes to storm windows. The ones that may be right for your home just may not require a professional contractor service to help with their installation after all.

This is because there are many types of storm window units that are not only easy enough for anyone to install, and install with a minimum of skills or even tools, there are types that are actually very inexpensive. Yet, these inexpensive units can perform just as well as a much costlier set. There are some storm windows that may require a custom order. This may necessitate hiring a professional to install them. But, if your storm window needs are not too complex, you may find it easy to install them yourself.

Determining Storm Window Needs

Storm windows can come in an array of types from glass such as stained glass storm window sheets that can be custom cut and installed with a few simple hardware pieces to intricate shutters custom designed for remote control operation throughout an entire home. Determining which storm windows your home truly requires will have a lot to do with answering the question of whether or not they are hard to install. The same may go for your level of experience when it comes to doing home improvement projects around the house.

If you, for instance, are the designated window washer in the household then installing a set of storm windows may not be beyond your capabilities. You may be used to reaching each window or, if necessary, removing a unit in such a way that you probably could tackle the job of installing a set of storm windows on your own. The level of difficulty involved in installing them has much to do with what types of storm window protection is purchased.

For those homes that can manage with a protective sheet of storm window glass being installed to the outside units, the job might entail measuring how large each sheet will need to be. Then, enough sheets of the storm window glass would need to be purchased and cut to size to accommodate those measurements. Finally, putting the storm windows onto the existing glass may be done by securing them with a few brackets and screws.

When it comes time to remove the storm windows units for a season, you simply unscrew them and store them away. If your home is in an area that is prone to severe weather such as hurricanes your need for storm windows may be greater. Your home also may have decorative windows that require being custom ordered in which case it may be hard to install storm windows without professional assistance.

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