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Making a Planter Out of a Storm Window

Installing new storm windows onto your house was likely a project you saved up to achieve for a while. This is one of the most beneficial projects that home owners can complete because of the benefits that it can provide. Not only can you increase the home's energy efficiency levels, you can also increase how comfortable you remain while living inside the house. As such, you were likely very eager to finish the job.

However, after the replacement of the storm windows hardware and frame was complete, you likely noticed that you weren't quite sure what to do with the older ones that are no longer on the house. Rather than throwing the old storm windows away and negatively impacting the environment, you can instead utilize them in a flower planter building project. This project can utilize the older materials while also serving as an additional decoration for your lawn. Here are some different options that are available when you are considering making a planter out of a storm window that you have replaced on your house.

Adding Planters to Windows

A popular option for making planters out of storm windows is to add planter boxes to old storm windows rather than taking the windows apart to utilize their materials for the planter box construction. With this option however, you will need to purchase pre-made planter boxes to fasten to the storm windows or use any other old materials that may be available to assemble the planter boxes. When fastening the planters to the old windows, you can either fasten only one onto one side of the window, or place them on both sides. This decision will likely be determined by where the final planters will be located, such as if you wish to fasten them to a wall or stand them in your garden.

When fastening the planters to the storm windows, be sure you use high quality screws and also that you secure them tightly to avoid the planters falling off in the future. The glass of the windows can also be stained a decorative color to add an additional touch to the look of the finished planters. Don't be afraid to also paint the framing material if you want to achieve a completely different look than what was previously on the house before they were removed.

Disassembling the Window

Another choice that you can select when making a planter out of your storm windows is disassembling the windows and utilizing their materials in the construction of the flower planters. This option can involve a little more work but can also help you to avoid purchasing any additional materials besides screws and other fastening necessities. If you decide to disassemble the storm windows and use their materials, you will first need to assess the framing material that was used. The easiest material choice and most attractive will likely be if the windows were made from wood. However, vinyl and other materials can also be used and can be great options to paint different colors for the flower planters.

Be sure to use proper safety gear when making a planter out of a storm window that you will be disassembling. These safety gear items include gloves, safety glasses and a sturdy working surface. Regardless of which option you pursue when making the planter, this can be a valuable project that will offer a great planter for your future garden flowers. You will also be recycling valuable materials that likely would have otherwise ended up in a local landfill.

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