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Painting Storm Window Frames

Maintaining the look of the property that you own is likely a top priority for you since you probably invested quite a bit of money into purchasing it. By keeping the house looking its best, you will be proud to show it off to your friends and family and will likely be content living there for many more years.

Many projects can be completed on the exterior of the property to keep the home looking its best including doing landscaping work and selecting an attractive color and high quality material for the siding. However, what you may not have realized is that you have the option to paint the frames of the storm windows on the house if they are beginning to look old and weathered or if you don't like their current color. However, as with any home improvement project, it is very important that you spend some time learning about proper painting techniques so that you can ensure the paint job will last for many years and will look professional once it is completed.

Consider the Frame Material

The first step in the painting project for your storm windows is to consider the material that the frames are made from, before or after energy efficient window installation. This is a necessary thing to consider since, if they are made from wood or aluminum, they will likely need different types of paint to ensure that the project is completed successfully. You certainly wouldn't want to accidentally apply paint that is specifically designed for wood frames to an aluminum frame and vice versa since this would not provide the results that you desire.

After you know which material the frames are made from, you can then purchase the proper type of paint that is made for the material. For example, if you have aluminum frames, you can purchase paint that is specifically designed for metal so that the paint job will last for many years.

Finishing the Job

After purchasing the paint, you will be ready to begin the process of painting the storm window frames on the house. You should select a clear day when there isn't a chance for rain or other weather elements so that the paint will have the chance to dry properly and won't be exposed to wind that could cause dirt and other items to stick to it when it is still wet.

Your first step will be to clean the frames before you begin applying the paint. Soap and water should be all that is needed to properly clean the frames of all dirt and grime that is likely currently on them. You should then allow the frames to dry completely before the paint is applied to them. This is necessary because it will ensure that the paint applies to the material properly and that you won't need to deal with issues in the future.

Be sure to let the paint dry completely before applying more layers, if necessary. Overall, this can be a fairly easy project to complete that can greatly improve the look of the property that you own. By painting the frames, you can ensure that the house will continue to look its best for years to come and that you will remain happy while living there. The reasons why people decide to move forward with painting storm window frames are vast but can include anything from making sure that the frame colors match the shade of siding that was recently installed and also if the current paint that is on the frames is beginning to look weathered.

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