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Is It Possible to Purchase Gently Used Storm Windows?

If you are wishing to add protection to your home for an upcoming cold, winter season but do not want to, or need to, go through the process of ordering a whole new set of replacement windows, you may wonder about a few things. For one thing, you may be wondering why you have not yet purchased a set of replacement windows. A new set could reduce drafts and save you hundreds of dollars on energy costs each year.

But, if you have been concerned about sticking to a budget, buying a whole new set of windows may not be a viable option right now. Yet, when the colder weather arrives, you may not be able to ignore the fact that your existing windows are not doing much to keep the home insulated properly. If you cannot afford to buy new window replacements and yet you cannot afford to endure another cold winter with your existing windows, can you compromise by buying and installing used storm windows?

Save Money with Some Time

The answer is that you can. You may need to search for used storm windows for a while, however. You may also only want to search for them at places where you can see the windows in person before committing to buying them. Some home supply shops in some regions offer used windows and other hardware or appliances for homes. You may find that you have to look quite a while before finding such a place near you.

Also, you may find that buying gently used storm windows is hit or miss. Besides this, while you probably could find a used set of storm windows for sale on the internet, you would not be able to tell whether or not they would be in the shape they are described as being in until you receive them. This could lead to disappointment if not a continued search for a set of storm windows from another seller. Also, it might be hard to find just the right sized windows or windows in the right configurations for your home.

One of the biggest concerns you should have if you try to find gently used storm windows is whether they are going to last long enough once you do find the right sizes. More than likely, any used storm windows you find will not have a warranty on them any longer. While you might be lucky in finally finding an adequate window or even a set for your needs, they may only provide a temporary fix. This may be due to the fact that they do not have much life left to them.

This may not be a problem for you if you want to see how well a storm window will help maintain comfort in your home during a winter season. Trying them on with a low cost used set might just be a worthwhile venture. Also, if the storm windows you purchase used are only a few for a certain room of the home used less frequently, such as a basement or den, instead of a main part of the house like a living room or bedroom, they just might be a perfect fit for a few more winters to come.

Low Risk Purchase

It is possible to purchase gently used storm windows but there are risks involved. Since used storm windows usually will not be warranted, it might necessitate buying new storm windows anyway. However, they may cost so little it is a worthwhile chance to try them out before you invest in a new set.

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