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How to Recycle Used Storm Windows

Replacing the older storm windows that are on your house with new, modern versions can bring many benefits. From helping to improve the safety of the property to increasing the efficiency with which the heating and cooling system is able to run, you will likely notice marked improvements after this window installation is completed. However, while major benefits can be associated with replacing storm windows, this project can leave you with used storm windows that you don't know how to dispose of. Rather than throwing them away to end up as waste in landfills, consider some of the various recycling options that are available for them, such as installing an elevated storm window grate.

When you make the decision to recycle used storm windows rather than throwing them away, you will be making a decision that will positively impact the environment. From turning them into a greenhouse to donating them to charity, the following are ideas for what can be done with your used storm windows. This is in no way an exhaustive list of the options that are available but rather a few ideas to help you begin considering the possibilities.

Donate Them to Charity

One of the most popular and easiest ways to recycle used storm windows is by donating them to charity. If you have a local charity that uses these types of materials during the construction of homes for families in need, inquire on if they could use your products. Charities are always in need of additional materials so you could be doing a major service by donating them. Additionally, this donation may very well be used as a tax write-off when the next tax season arrives.

Another option with regards to donating the used storm windows is inquiring on if a local drama club could use them. Drama clubs are always on the lookout for props to use in the assembly of their sets so this window donation may be a big deal to them. However, ensure that the windows are in good condition and don't have broken pieces that could be harmful before attempting to donate them because this could lead to injuries for those that take them from you. In all, there are typically many ways to go about donating and recycling used windows from properties.

Other Recycling Choices

If you don't know of any local charities that could utilize used storm windows, consider using them in projects around your house. If you have always dreamed of building a greenhouse but have been concerned about the possible expense of materials, use the storm windows to help minimize your costs. Used storm windows are ideal products for the construction of a greenhouse since this type of building will mainly be made from windows. However, keep in mind that the condition of the used storm windows is mainly going to guide whether they are high quality enough to properly assemble a building that will be used as a greenhouse.

Another idea is to turn the used storm windows into planters for your garden. This is a creative idea that not many people have utilized and can set your garden apart from those of your neighbors. While a few additional materials will likely be needed to construct the planters that will be attached to the used windows, in all, this can be an affordable project. Again, there are vast options when it comes to learning how to recycle used storm windows that were on your property. Be sure to explore and incorporate those ideas that you find to be the most useful.

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