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Repairing Storm Window Grates

The storm window grates that are on your property are likely either hanging over upper level windows or are covering the well openings to lower basement window wells. Either way, these grates serve important purposes, protecting animals and children from falling into the window wells and protecting against intruders from entering the higher levels of the properties. As such, if the grates that are covering the windows on your property are damaged, you will need to either repair or replace them as quickly as possible.

The repair of a grate can be the less expensive option when it comes to these projects since you won't need to consider where to dispose of the old windows. However, if the grate is extensively damaged, then the job may be beyond repairable, forcing you to need to purchase replacement grates for the property. As such, assess the extent of the work that needs to be completed and then make a decision regarding which action to take based on the assessments that you discover. This is an important project so be sure to complete it promptly. The following are some tips for repairing storm window grates if that is the route that you decide to take.

Repairing Grates

The grates that are covering the windows on your property can likely be repaired in a variety of ways, depending on the types of grates that you own and the types of damages that have occurred. If you want to ensure that high quality repairs are made, you will likely need to weld the damaged metal portions back together to ensure a high quality seal is achieved. However, the damaged portions of the grates can also likely be tied back together if you think that this option will be sufficient. When choosing this option, be sure you use sturdy and high quality metal wiring for the tying job.

Repairing grates is an important task that should be completed as soon as you notice that an issue has occurred. Damages can happen for any variety of reasons including because of storm damage so it can be important to regularly inspect them. This can be important because it will offer the chance to catch problems shortly after they occur so that they aren't allowed to get too far out of control and beyond the point of repair.

The Importance of Guards

After the grates that are covering the windows are replaced or are repaired, you will then return the property to being fully secured. This security can offer more peace of mind for you in knowing that storm damage is less likely to occur and also that the possibility of a break-in has likely been thwarted. When you have placed grates over the windows on your property, you are taking an additional security measure that will safeguard your residence even further. This will provide enhanced peace of mind for you at all times of the day and night.

A major benefit of repairing storm window grates that are being used to cover well windows on your property is that this can help to ensure animals and children do not fall into the lower basement window openings. These openings can be quite deep and dangerous for small children to fall into and this is certainly a problem that you don't want to occur. As such, after you have repaired the grates, be sure that they are re-fastened securely over the well opening to ensure that accidents do not occur. Hopefully, this will be the only time you will need to repair the grates. However, it can be helpful to regularly inspect them for the development of problems.

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