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Repairing Storm Window Sashes

The storm windows that are currently on your house likely provide a unique sense of character for the property and also likely set it apart from the other homes that are in your neighborhood. As such, if you have noticed that the energy efficiency level of the house has declined in recent years and know that window changes must be made, you may be a little hesitant to install new windows because of the history that the storm window sashes provide. Rather than losing the historical quality that they offer, you can instead consider repairing the storm window sashes that are currently on the house to improve the energy efficiency levels as well as the appearance of the windows and how well the windows match interior decor. Here are some tips for completing this project.

Beginning the Job

The process to begin repairing storm window sashes that are on your house should be a decision that is made with care. Since this can be a bit of an intensive process, be sure to select a repair time where you have a few free days to complete the project. Also, be sure that you have all materials that will be required including such things as high quality paint and brushes, repair wood, epoxy and other pertinent materials. This is important since it will prevent you from backtracking and delaying the project while you purchase other necessary materials.

As you remove the storm window sashes from the property, be sure to properly inspect them for excessive signs of wear and tear. Unless the sashes received an excessive amount of water damage or encountered other issues, you should be able to repair the problems that exist on them. To make wood repairs and increase the efficiency of the sashes, you will require wood slabs and epoxy to fill in the gaps and other problems where the wood will need to be replaced.

Painting the Sashes

After you have inspected the sashes and have completed the initial repair work, you will then be prepared to begin painting them. This is an important process since it will help to preserve the wood sashes and will also extend their lifespan by many more years. As such, when selecting a paint color for the sashes, choose a high quality exterior brand that will help to prevent such issues as weather damage as well as prevent mold and mildew growth.

When painting the storm window sashes, take care to paint thoroughly in the crevices and creases of the wood. Some locations can be difficult to reach and this is when a high quality paint brush can become extremely effective. Additionally, a few coats of primer and paint may be needed to offer the high quality and finished look that you desire. Be sure that the paint is fully dry before you reinstall the glass inserts and put the storm window sashes back onto the property.

While repairing storm window sashes can be a bit of an intensive process, the results you can receive can be well worth your time. Not only can the job help to preserve the historical look of the property it can also help you to save more money on the expense of purchasing replacement windows. However, if you find that the sashes are beyond a state of repair, then many new options are also available that can replicate the historical look while also not costing too much money. In all, it is great to keep your storm windows functioning properly so that you can receive the energy efficient and appearance benefits that they can provide.

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