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How Can I Replace my Storm Window Hardware?

Replacing storm window hardware or repairing storm window damage does not necessarily require the assistance of an expert window contractor. If you are about to purchase a new set of windows or just want to get a few more seasons out of your existing windows you can probably make any necessary repairs to the hardware on any windows by yourself. This can save a lot of money which you can then put towards the new set of windows.

If you are doing this fix on your own with little experience, you may think it is better to hire a professional to help you. Of course, you can if you like, but you may find that a few dollars spent to replace the hardware that needs it allows you to save more towards that new set of windows with enough time to research which windows will be best. You could possibly spend more than necessary on windows if you are in a hurry to buy them and install them before the next winter season arrives.

Choosing the Right Hardware

First you will want to determine how many storm windows will require the replacement hardware. Then, you want to be sure of exactly what types of hardware you will need to purchase. The type of hardware required will depend upon what material the storm window frames are made of, such as wood or aluminum. The rest of the hardware will depend on the type of window it is whether a triple track storm window or a casement window.

What you can do is look over the window and take stock of all the names of all parts. For many owners, you can look at the use and care booklet that came with the original purchase. This can help you identify exactly what hardware your particular storm window requires. You might be able to tell just by looking at the window that it needs a new handle.

But, it will not be of much use to purchase a set of replacement handles only to bring them home and realize that they are not the right size or shape. For a wood casement, you may need to buy a crank replacement. You might check to see if there is a model number for that crank in your ownership booklet. If you cannot locate it or you only know the name of the storm window manufacturer, you can search for the part based on whether or not it is suited for that manufacturer's windows.

Finding Specific Parts

Once you determine just which parts are needed and you know exactly what to look for in terms of model number or manufacturer, you can purchase the proper replacements. Depending upon how old the storm windows are you may even check to see which replacements would fit for the year the windows were manufactured. For instance, if the windows were made in the 1980's you may not easily find the exact hardware when searching by model number since the window is so old.

You might, however, find similar hardware that is suited to windows manufactured between 1980 and 1990 by that window manufacturer. To replace the hardware correctly, you would remove the existing item and install the replacement the same way. If you have parts that are missing from the window that need replacing, you could inspect an existing window which has the part attached to see how and where it goes. It is not impossible to replace storm window hardware on your own. Complex parts may be best replaced by a professional, but most you can do yourself.

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