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Replacement storm windows are a rather interesting phenomenon because they are convenient, affordable, come in different materials, and even add a bit of aesthetic appeal to a home. Most importantly, they can withstand whatever the weather has to throw at them and that is something that is very unique about the storm window. But when your existing storm windows starts to become worn and the rooms in your home start to get drafty, you need a change.

Replacement storm windows are the replacements for the windows that are currently in your home. Over time, the wood around the window becomes worn and it can crack. The house settles as well, which can cause some separation. There is also the fact that the appearance is not what it once was, but, fortunately, you have replacements that you can opt for that will look nice and will be affordable.

Energy Savings

It is good to put the energy savings into perspective so that you can see how replacement storm windows are truly saving you money. Let's say that you receive a 30% savings on your energy bill per year because of each replacement window that you have installed in your home. If your energy costs were normally $1500 annually, a 30% reduction translates into a total savings of $450 per year. As you can see, it will not take long for your investment in exterior or interior storm windows to more than pay for itself.

The reason why this works this way is because replacement storm windows cover the gaps and aligns everything to where there is no cold air seeping in during the winter or hot air in the summer. You can also keep your warm or cool air in the home, reducing the number of times your heating and air needs to kick on and off. This is where the energy savings comes in. You'll also be able to reduce the wear and tear on your heating and air system.

Wear and tear on your heating and air system can become quite extensive over time. This can result in their premature demise, resulting in expensive repairs or replacement. If your furnace or your air conditioner kicked on just half the times it normally does in the course of a month, you are literally doubling the life of these very expensive parts so that you don't have to replace them earlier than what you should. This is something that many individuals have to do and replacement storm windows could save them the grief in this task.

Vinyl vs. Aluminum

There is a debate over whether aluminum or vinyl is the best in the way of replacement storm windows. The truth is that it has a lot to do with personal preference. Of course budget comes into play with aluminum having a price tag that is a little bit higher than vinyl, but you will find that there is a durability issue at hand. Nevertheless, color preference may be another issue.

When it comes to aluminum, you don't have many color options other than white or silver. You can't paint the material because it would just run off and that would be a mess. Vinyl replacement storm windows, on the other hand, will allow you to paint it if you need to. You can also purchase it in different colors so that you can match the overall feel of your home.

And it is true that aluminum may last longer than vinyl replacement storm windows. However, you will find that vinyl is known to last around 30 to 40 years with no problems when they are properly maintained. You can get longevity out of both. Of course, the longer you get the better, but you will find that both types of replacement windows will serve you well if you need one or the other. Let your budget be your guide.

But no matter which type of storm window you invest in, you will find that they will protect you against any storm that may come your way that does not mean total destruction. Many individuals in coastal regions like aluminum because it stands up well to the hurricane winds that tend to occur once in a while. Vinyl replacement windows are durable as well, but the aluminum storm windows do seem to withstand certain conditions better.

Both types of replacement windows will protect your window areas from leaks. There are times, when the home settles, that small gaps will open up and leaking will occur around the storm window. When this occurs, it is time for a replacement.

So now you know why replacement storm windows are growing in popularity. They are affordable, the energy savings are incredible, and they come in different varieties so that you can have a choice. They also look very nice on your home.

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