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Replacing Storm Window Hardware

The storm windows that are on your house protect the property from a variety of potential hazards. Not only can the windows protect the house from storm and intruder damages, they can also protect the furniture inside from harmful UV rays. However, over the years, the elements of the windows can become worn and may not function as properly as they once did. The good news is that, rather than completely replacing the windows in the house, you may be able to only replace the hardware elements on them. This will save you money and ensure that the windows continue functioning property for many more years. Here are some ways to determine if the replacement of hardware elements is necessary for you and how you can complete this project.

Inspecting the Windows

Often, there are telltale signs that will indicate you need to purchase and replace certain hardware elements on your storm windows. First, if you have crank handles on your windows and are always struggling with them, or if they don't function as they should, consider replacing them. You shouldn't need to struggle opening your windows each time you need to and this dilemma can be resolved by replacing the hardware pieces that are needed to complete the opening.

A variety of hardware elements are typically included with each different model of storm window that can be installed. As such, your inspection process really will depend on which type of window you own. However, you can make this inspection a step in your annual window cleaning process so that you don't forget to look them over for any potential problems. The cost it will take to purchase and install the hardware pieces will also depend on which ones need to be replaced and which type of windows you own.

How to Replace Hardware Pieces

Again, the actual steps that are involved with replacing storm window hardware elements really depend on the types of windows that you own. However, it is very important that you complete this job correctly since this is what will ensure that the windows continue to function properly for many more years. Usually, this won't need to be too involved of a process and will likely be completed in a few short hours as long as you take the time needed to understand how the hardware pieces need to be installed. Whether you will be replacing the locks, storm window shades, or any window opening cranks, this replacement process can ensure the windows continue to look and work their best.

When to Install new Windows

Of course, replacing storm window hardware likely won't be the project that will be sufficient for you forever. At some point, you may require new storm windows to ensure that the property you own is sufficiently protected. If you have larger issues besides a crank that won't open such as air drafts entering the house or worn frames, the time has likely arrived to replace the windows. The good news for you is that many manufacturers offer great window selections for low prices so that you won't need to break your budget by trying to afford this home improvement project.

The steps that you will take to install new windows will depend on which model you have purchased, similar to the situation that will arise when replacing storm window hardware elements. After the installation is complete, it can be very helpful to inspect the job for proper completion. This can help to ensure that the hardware pieces are functioning properly and that a tight seal has been achieved with the windows.

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