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Replacing Storm Window Screens

Replacing storm window screens is likely a project you will need to complete at some point during your time as a property owner. While storm windows with screens that accompany them can be great energy saving tools allowing you to bring in cool morning air rather than running your air conditioning system, problems can happen to them. Perhaps a family member accidentally spilled paint into the screen or a family pet tore holes into it.

Regardless of the reason why the screen needs to be replaced, this can actually be an easy task to accomplish. With only a few materials and some attention to detail, you can replace the screen that accompanies your storm window to save more money and return the window to its original state. Here are some tools you may need for this job as well as some general tips on storm window treatments and how to get started.

Tools to Purchase

Before you even begin the process of removing the screen from your window frames, you will need to prepare for the project by purchasing a few materials. Of course, the most crucial material to purchase is the replacement screen. Typically, you can find screens in large rolls for very manageable prices. You may also need to purchase replacement lining for the frame that will be used to keep the replacement screen in place. This lining is typically known as a spline, but can vary with certain types of windows. Again, this lining is an affordable purchase that can be found easily. You may need to purchase additional materials along the way depending on the types of windows that you own but these should at least help you to begin the home improvement project on the property.

Beginning the Project

As with any home improvement project, you should always keep a mind to safety when you are replacing a screen that accompanies your storm window. The screen material can be sharp and can easily cut your finger if it is left unprotected. As such, be sure to wear gloves when completing this job. You will first need to assess the screens that are in the frames by the storm windows to assess how they should be removed. Always remove the screen windows with care so as to avoid damage to the frames.

Depending on the style of frames that you have, the screens will likely easily pop out from the exterior of the property. If you have high windows on the house, then a ladder will be required for the job. After the frame has been removed, the next step will be to assess what is keeping the screen in the frame. Typically, a lining called a spline will be holding the screen in place and will need to be carefully worked out of the frame grove so that the screen can be removed.

You will then need to measure the size of replacement screen that will be needed on the roll that you purchase for the job. Be sure to leave an extra amount of screen around the groove where it will be inserted into the frame so that you don't accidentally run short. Any leftover can then be cut away after the job is complete. The only remaining step then is to work the new screen into the frame with the new spline and spline inserter. Of course, the task of replacing storm window screens can vary depending on which type of frame you own and whether or not the spline lining is the appropriate material to use.

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