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Reusing Old Storm Windows

So, you've finally taken the initiative to install new storm windows in your property and are likely very pleased with the results that you've received. The new windows will not only help to protect the interior of the property from possible storm damages in the future but they can also help to reduce the amount of energy that is consumed by the house. However, one dilemma that you may be facing that other people have also faced after installing new windows is what to do with the old ones. Since simply throwing the old storm windows into the garbage would be wasteful and dangerous to those working in landfills, there are other options that you may want to consider. Here are a few ideas for reusing old storm windows that you don't know what to do with including replacement window screens.

Create a Greenhouse

If you have a passion for gardening but live in a cooler climate that prevents year-round outdoor gardening, try building a greenhouse utilizing the old storm windows that used to be on your house. A greenhouse can be quite simple to construct and can be very inexpensive when you utilize used materials such as the old windows that are no longer on the house. By using the old windows in this manner, you will have a gardening escape year-round where you can get away from the cold weather.

If you have children, then you can utilize the old storm windows in a playhouse that you have been meaning to build for them. This can be a great option if you don't care about gardening and therefore don't have a need for a greenhouse. Other structures can also be made with these windows, including a work shed where you will be able to complete a variety of projects that you have been putting off. The most important thing is that you utilize the windows in a manner that will be of the most use for you and the property that you own so that you can further extend their lifespan.

Build a Patio Table

A patio table can be another great project to complete with the old storm windows that you are no longer using. You can either construct the table from multiple smaller windows for a unique look or you can create the table with one larger window from a main fixture that was previously on your house. If you have no need for a patio table, then consider other art projects that could utilize old storm windows. Stained glass projects can be fun to create and can offer a unique piece of artwork to display at some place in your property.

Donate Them

Many organizations such as home building non-profits need old storm windows in their upcoming charitable work. As such, if you simply don't know what else to do with the old windows that are sitting on your property or want to do your good deed for the year, consider donating them to this type of organization. If the windows are in fair enough condition, the organization will likely accept them and use them on upcoming homes that are being built.

Of course, many other possibilities also exist for reusing old storm windows but these should help to give you a few ideas of the options that are available. The most important thing is that you have installed new windows on the house that you own. These new windows will protect the property from possible damage and can really make a difference on the amount of energy that is consumed in the property.

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