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What are the Signs That It is Time to Purchase New Storm Windows Instead of Repairing the Old Ones?

For many homeowners with storm windows each season they pull them out of storage to install them they feel a little more stressed. Will this winter be the one these storm windows finally give out? Much of the time the feelings for this are due to the costs they associate with buying new storm windows.

If you cringed when you put your storm windows away last season, worrying that this winter might be the season in which these windows are pushed past their limits, relax. Oftentimes, you have a valid concern for trying to put those windows through another season. You probably want to get the most use for your money from the storm windows you own.

Perhaps these storm windows were ones that came with the house when you purchased it. Like the existing windows, you got them in the home purchase and want to get as much value from them as possible. Plus, if you were worried about them when the last season was at an end, it could have been that you were not certain you had it in the budget to replace an entire set of storm windows in time for this season.

Deciding to Repair or Replace

Of course, there is no reason to feel you are a bad homeowner for wanting to get the most use out of your storm windows. After all, you might go ahead and invest in a new set of eco friendly storm windows, but it could be you are already sensing the existing windows could use an upgrade as well. While any window purchase is a significant one, it usually is worthwhile since it adds to the value of the home once they are installed.

Also, new windows tend to offer savings in heating and cooling expenses throughout the year. If you did cringe when you stored the storm windows last season, was it because you began to notice signs that they were allowing a little too much condensation to form? Or, were you noticing that a room here and there felt a little draftier than you would like?

If so, then perhaps your instincts are correct that you would be better of purchasing a new set of storm windows. Even if you cannot see affording an entirely new set of windows for the home, do not feel like it would be a waste of money to invest in a new set of storm windows. If you do eventually decide to buy a new set of replacements, you could sell the lightly used storm windows and get a little extra cash to apply towards the purchase of the new windows.

But, if it is a little too late to upgrade to a better set of storm windows, you can do some things to repair the existing set so that they get you through one more season with a little bit of increased efficiency. You can shop a local home supply store for storm window film or storm window kits. You can cut the film to fit each window, or just the ones that happen to show greater signs of wear, and affix the film easily.

This will help by adding an additional layer of insulation and protection. If any storm windows have hardware missing, those can usually be replaced inexpensively and easily. You may want to check at the end of a season to judge whether repairs will do or whether it is best to purchase replacement storm windows for next season.

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