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How do I Install Stained Glass Storm Windows?

Unless you have owned a home with stained glass windows before, you may never have given thought to the fact that they, too, need to be protected by storm windows. Yet, if you think of how many historic buildings or churches in your area have lots of stained glass, you may realize that their lasting beauty is somewhat due to the protection they have received from storm windows. You home may not have many stained glass windows that need protection, but you may be wondering how you can protect the ones you do have with storm window units.

Finding Stained Glass Storm Windows

First, it might help to determine what type of storm window you would need if the windows did not have stained glass designs on them. For instance, a picture window may just need a storm window of the same size to be fitted over it, so a standard make may work fine. The only requirement would be to ensure the storm units are purchased in the correct size. Then, you could follow the instructions for installing the storm window as you would normally do.

If, however, the stained glass windows are specially shaped and made of individual configurations, this might require that a custom storm window unit be made and professionally installed for you. The stained glass windows are, after all, probably very unique and that means they are irreplaceable. If this is the case for that special window in your home, it may be worth it to look into purchasing a custom fitted storm window that a professional contractor installs.

There is another reason why it might make more sense to protect the stained glass units with specially made storm windows that are professionally installed. The storm units would offer more than just the protection you expect them to during extreme weather. In fact, they could help preserve the stained glass if left on permanently.

The fact that your stained glass design is unique or historic probably means that you do not want anything to happen to damage it. If constant sunlight and ultraviolet rays are permitted to beat down on the special windows, over the years it can contribute to fading the glass which is certainly not desirable for designs that are of historic merit. A proper, customized set of permanent storm windows would be able to provide protection against this in addition to inclement weather elements.

Choosing to Do it yourself

The choice to get customized storm windows that a professional installs for you is entirely up to you. However, in order to preserve the stained glass designs, it may make the most sense to look for window dealers and manufacturers who offer specially made storm units. The stained glass may not necessarily be historic in order to need protecting. If the design was done by a family member or is one that has some intrinsic artistic value, too, it is wise to have custom storm windows made.

The storm windows can protect against harmful ultraviolet lights which could fade the paint over time. But, they can also provide an added layer of strength to keep something like an act of vandalism from damaging these valuable windows. If you have only one stained glass storm window unit that you wish to protect with a storm window and that unit is of a standard dimension it might be possible to use a regular storm window to protect it. In this case you could simply purchase a regular set of storm windows and install them yourself.

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