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Craft Projects with Used Storm Windows

Many property owners have several storm windows at their houses that they simply don't know what to do with. If you have recently replaced the older storm windows that were on your household with newer versions, then this is also a situation that you are probably facing. While you can certainly donate the older windows to local charities if they are still in fair condition when you replace older frames, you may instead want to consider completing craft projects with them. This can be beneficial for you since it will allow you to be a little creative and will also offer great decorations for your property or functional furniture once the crafts have been completed. Here are just a few of the many craft projects that can be completed with used storm windows.

Creating a Table

One of the top uses that people are finding for their old storm windows is transforming them into patio tables. All you really need is the used storm windows, a crate or another type of platform and some securing straps or nails. You can paint the glass of the windows into creative patterns or place tiling patterns onto the frame materials if you want to dress them up or simply leave them as is. This will offer a creative and low cost way to add furniture items to your patio location. You can place them strategically around the patio topped with flower planters or surround them with chairs for creative and attractive seating arrangements when you host upcoming garden parties. Either way, these can serve as ideal decorations for the garden or patio area or your household.

Regardless of the projects you decide to complete with the used storm windows, be sure to use the proper safety gear when working on the jobs. This is very important because sharp edges will likely be encountered while the crafts are completed so be sure to wear safety goggles and gloves as needed. However, overall, this can be a very enjoyable way to make something out of those old windows that are simply sitting around your property not being utilized.

Making Garden Art

One popular option that you may want to consider for your used storm windows is making garden art out of them. This is a creative way to dress up your garden area and may even be an option to make additional flower planters for the area. First, consider staining the glass of the window and painting the frames in creative patterns and colors. This type of artwork will stand out in the garden area and will serve as a wonderful complement to vibrant flowers that may be growing there. If you need additional flower planters, purchase a few additional supplies and transform the used storm windows into useful planters.

Typically, when transforming used storm windows into flower planters, you will need a few additional pieces of wood and some nails to complete the project. Then, construct planters onto one side of the window and, once completed, place in a prime location in the garden. This will set certain flowers apart from the others and will offer an attractive look for the garden area. Many other uses can also be found for your used storm windows but these should offer just a few of the many possibilities that are available for them. As such, if you have some old storm windows sitting at your property that are going unused, find craft projects with used storm windows to complete to make the most of those old materials.

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