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What Types of Storm Windows are Best in Colder Climates?

Storm windows and the proper storm window replacement hardware can help you enjoy greater comfort throughout your home during the cold winter months. They also provide additional protection during severe weather to you and your home. But, if the climate in which you live experiences cold weather more often than not throughout the year, it can be very important to choose storm windows that will maximize the warmth inside the home while keeping heating costs as low as possible.

Lowering Heating Expenses

A home that is situated in a cold environment naturally needs much more in the way of heating. If you have the furnace on nearly all the time more months out of the year than not, it can certainly mean that you are well aware of how expensive heating costs can be. You do not want to spend more than you have to, but then again you cannot realistically expect to do without proper heating since it is such a necessity.

Maybe you can do with turning the thermostat down when you or your family are away or are at work or school. But, when everyone is home it can be impractical to try and keep the thermostat down while coping with freezing temperatures by throwing on an extra sweater. Perhaps you have even tried to get by with a few additional blankets, but this does not last for long. Before you know it, you are turning the thermostat right back up.

When you stop to consider things, keeping your home comfortable when living in a colder climate is imperative to your family's health. You really cannot expect everyone to stay healthy if they are constantly being exposed to extremely cold temperatures. It is one thing to have to endure cold temperatures when you are outside, but when you are in your home it is quite another.

This is why having the right storm windows installed in your home is such an important matter. The better they are at protecting the home against cold temperatures, the less you have to worry about turning up the thermostat. The more you can keep your heating use manageable, the lower your heating bills will be. This can really mean a lot of savings to those who live in climates where doing without heating most times is practically impossible.

Choosing an Efficient Storm Window

You need to have storm windows that will help keep heat inside the house and keep cold air from getting inside the house. If your storm windows are aging or are beginning to allow winter air to leak in, it is time to invest in a good set of storm windows. But, you may wonder what types of storm windows will really make a difference for your particular situation.

Besides needing windows that will allow the heat from inside to be retained, you also want windows that can help maximize that heat. Storm windows that are made from what is called Low-E glass do exactly this. These storm windows actually help natural sunlight and warmth into the home. This makes them efficient and environmentally friendly. The Low-E treatment is a coating on the glass that helps block the heat from inside your home from escaping, too.

You can enjoy significantly lower heating bills when you have the right types of storm windows for colder climates. Low-E glass storm windows can perform drastically better than average storm windows. If you are not enjoying the comfort you need in your home and if your heating bills are mounting, it may be time to investigate buying efficient Low-E glass storm windows.

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