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What Types of Storm Windows are Best in Hotter Climates?

It is important to choose a suitable type of storm window based upon the climate in which your home is located. It is not impossible to invest a significant amount of money on a set of window, only to find that the lovely vinyl make you chose warps or dries out almost as soon as the windows were installed. Do not think that you can return to the window manufacturer and have them replace the entire set for you under the warranty.

Most any reputable local storm window dealer or manufacturer in your region should be able to point you in the direction of a proper type of storm window for your area's climate. As with choosing any type of window, you will need to select the best storm window possible for its durability. For a hot climate, the material will need to stand up to extreme temperatures on the outside.

Constant exposure to hot sun light will put the material to the test. In most instances, this is why vinyl may not be a material you will want to install in your home as it is unable to withstand constant heat as other materials are able to do. The ability for the storm window to keep the home insulated from extreme heat is one more aspect you need to look into when picking a suitable type of storm window.

Affordable Performance

The better a type of storm window is against allowing external heat to infiltrate the home, the more money you can save on air conditioning costs. Any type of storm window that lets infiltration occur would waste expensive air conditioning. You want to find a window that offers superior insulation which may come as a result of not only buying a suitable make of frame but also buying the proper type of glass.

A double-pane storm window would be better for a hot climate rather than a pane made of traditional Low-E glass. The Low-E type of storm window would be great for a northern climate where sunlight would want to be turned into an added source of heat inside the home. This is exactly what someone living in a desert climate would not want from a storm window.

Traditional Low-E glass would trap solar heat inside the home and create an uncomfortable environment. However, a double-pane storm window would keep infiltration to a minimum. This would be desirable as it would provide a means to using the least amount of air conditioning possible to cool the home since the air conditioning would be unlikely to seep outside from the double-pane glass.

The important thing to know when choosing a type of glass for a storm window that will be installed in a hotter climate is that there are special forms of glass that can be tinted on the exterior so as to let much less sunlight into the home. When choosing a specially tinted glass, however, it is important to know how to care for them. You do not want to clean them with the wrong materials as the tinting could be adversely affected.

When choosing a suitable type of storm window for a hotter climate it is helpful to get the storm windows from local dealers who understand best which materials are going to hold up against constant sun exposure and even humidity. The investment made in the storm windows will not have to be tremendous. But, it will need to be made with care so as to install storm windows that will help protect your home and your budget.

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