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How Can I Find Storm Windows That are the Right Size?

It is relatively easy to find storm windows that fit a standard sized window to ease the work of installing storm window fixtures. Of course, there is no exact size for all window types which would classify them as standard sized windows. But, if you have single hung or double hung units throughout your home, their measurements probably do not vary drastically from ones you might readily find when shopping around for replacements. If you have decorative, arch or custom designed windows anywhere in the home, these would pose more challenges when it comes time to purchase storm units.

Measuring your Windows

Before shopping for storm windows, you want to know how many to purchase. That may seem an easy enough task to complete, but if you do not require storm protection on every single unit you will not want to buy more than necessary. This could be the case if your home has a different type of unit that was installed when an addition was built. Make certain to get an accurate count of how many units you really need to purchase. Otherwise, you could be spending more money than necessary for something your home truly does not need.

You also want to know the exact measurements for each unit that will be needed. You will need to remove any screens first and keep the window open when taking measurements. Different types of windows will require different methods for getting accurate measurements. Measuring aluminum units, for example, is a slightly different process than measuring wood units.

For an aluminum unit, measure the width between the edges of each of the longest flanges. For a wood unit, you would measure from one jamb to the other in order to obtain the correct width. The width should be measured in three ways. You want to measure from the top of the unit, the middle of the unit and at the bottom of the unit. This way, if there is a difference in any of the measurements, you would know to use the smallest width measurement in order to buy units that are going to fit precisely.

Finding the Proper Size

As for finding storm windows that will provide an exact fit, you have a few options. You could purchase a storm window kit, in which case you would be able to cut the materials provided in the kit to fit each window exactly. Some kits come with a film that can be cut to size and will provide the protection you are seeking. Another option is to purchase plastic or glass sheets that serve as the storm protection.

These sheets simply need to be cut to the exact measurements you require. For some homeowners, the need for storm protection is much greater. You may then need an actual set of storm windows that can be installed on top of the existing units. Again, if the units needing storm protection are relatively standard in size, that is they do not have arches or curves, you can focus on shopping for a proper fitting storm window set based on the measurements you have taken.

The types of storm windows you purchase have much to do with how you will find the right size storm window. If you live in an area where inclement weather is frequent during the windows, you might need more than a storm window kit that offers a film material in order to get the right protection. If you have custom windows that need protection, then finding storm windows that are the right size might be a more complex process that involves ordering custom fit units.

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