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Storm window types are the different varieties of storm windows that buyers can choose from. There are many different options out there and as homeowners we can be confident in finding the right one when we check out all the different choices and evaluate them for ourselves using a comprehensive storm window guide. These window attachments work in slightly different ways, but their basic premise is always the same: to provide a more efficient means of cutting down drafts and keeping out air infiltration, particularly in the winter months. Made of different frame and pane materials, the various types help warm up your home and keep those energy bills down even when the cold weather comes.

Exterior vs. Interior Storm Windows

There are storm window types designed to mount to the inside or outside of the house. Additionally, we have options to select from that either affix temporarily and come off on a seasonal basis or attach permanently for year round usage. Most of the seasonal types are fixed in the sense that they do not open and close; while the permanently attached styles are often hinged or open up in some other way to allow for ventilation in the warm weather months. There are units to choose from that go on the inside or outside of the existing frame. Exterior storm window types are nice from the standpoint of not having to deal with them too much on the inside of the house. They are commonly chosen for permanent usage when folks can't afford all new frames.

From steel to aluminum, these window types have to be durable because they take the brunt of the weather, which is an additional benefit they bring on top of providing reduction in drafts. This protects the old frames from having any more direct exposure to rain, snow, driving wind, and the hot sun, helping them to last longer. But at the same time, these storm window types have a significant disadvantage. They have to have drainage holes drilled in them in order to allow water out that gets in between them and the main window frame. This reduces their efficiency and does allow some drafts to get in through them. Also, the way they are set up promotes rotting in old wood frames if they are not done perfectly or if water is not allowed to drain quickly, so there is usually somewhat of a choice between sacrificing efficiency and risking rot.

Interior storm window types, on the other hand, do not present this issue because they have no need for water drainage since they are mounted to the inside of the existing frames. This makes them on average more efficient than their exterior mounted counterparts. They are also likelier to be able to open and close. They are also more attractive from the outside in historical homes and so forth; but they leave old frames fully exposed to the elements, so these storm window types must be chosen with some consideration.

Disposable Low Cost Window Attachments

Some homeowners do not have the budgetary means to afford the higher end vinyl or fiberglass units that mount in the manner previously described. Glass paned units that feature sturdy durable frames can be quite expensive even if they are less costly than complete replacement jobs. Among storm window types there is a cheaper alternative that many people opt for to help them cut down on drafts without paying out so much money to have to do it. Temporary or disposable storm windows are the cheapest types on the market. Usually made of plastic, they can just be clear or translucent film or some other material type, and they usually affix right to the existing pane from the inside of the house.

But these window types are not as effective as other storm models and they will degrade over time because of the impact of sunlight, so they need to be replaced every so often, sometimes every year depending on the storm windows you choose and the amount of sun the area gets. These are the most economical of all types by far and they are great if you are just looking to get through the winter and hoping to address the problem in a more permanent way come spring, for example.

The numerous storm window types give us as buyers some different things to think about when we search our options and consider frame and pane composition, mounting location, and other variables. Get in touch with storm window suppliers to find out more and to get a better idea of what kind of cost you are looking at for these different options. Use our free quote form to find cheap local sources of the storm window types you are interested in and save money on the job.

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