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Using a Storm Window for Decoration

If you have recently installed new storm windows in your property to replace older ones that were no longer functioning properly, you may be wondering what can be done with the old ones. Rather than throwing them away to end up in landfills, consider fixing sashes and other parts then using them for decoration in your house and garden. Many options are available to creatively decorate your property with the old storm windows, which can serve as wonderful and inexpensive decorating choices. Here are just a few of the many decorative options that are available to you for utilizing these products.

Options for Houses

If you want to build a playhouse for your children, the old storm windows can be utilized as either decorations for the interior of the playhouse to serve as mock windows or can actually be used as the windows for the structure. This can be a great and inexpensive way to give your children the playhouse that they have always wanted. However, utilizing the windows in a playhouse is not your only option.

Rather, many home owners have used their old storm windows as table tops for patio or deck tables. The windows with frames can serve as unique table toppers and can really help to save you more money on the expense of the furniture that you need. If you have always wanted to try your hand at a decorative glass art project, this can be the prime opportunity to do so.

Whether you want to stain the glass of the old storm windows or paint decorative patterns onto the frames, the choices are nearly unlimited. However, be sure to select the proper type of paint so that the artwork you complete will last for many years. These options and others are the perfect choices to decorate the property that you own with the old storm windows that were removed from your house. However, when completing the art projects, take the proper safety precautions to avoid unnecessary injuries while the work is being completed.

Using Windows in Gardens

If you have a garden or a green house, you can utilize the old windows as decorations for these spaces. First, consider transforming each window and frame into planters for your plants during your upcoming planting season. Wood planters made from old wood can easily be fastened onto old storm window frames with nails to create a unique look that will set your garden apart from those of your neighbors. Even without being used as planters, the old windows can easily be painted and strategically placed throughout the garden to transform the look of the area.

If you have always wanted to build a greenhouse but have been hesitant to proceed with the project, this can be your prime opportunity. The old storm windows can be used during the assembly process and utilized in the green house construction to reduce the number of materials that you will need to purchase. Again, there are many gardening projects where old storm windows can be utilized to help save you money while improving the look of your property.

Rather than throwing away the old windows that you removed from your house, consider using a storm window for decoration on the property that you own. Whether you use them as planters in a garden or as table tops for your patio, there are countless creative projects available to utilize these projects. This is an eco-friendly alternative to sending the windows to the landfill and can also be an inexpensive way to decorate the property that you own.

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