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Getting a Warranty for Storm Window Products

You will want to make certain you are getting a warranty on any new storm windows you are purchasing. This will help protect the investment you have made when buying these new storm window products. After all, you have not gone through the process of shopping for and selecting the best storm windows you can find only to expect to go through the process all over again in a few years.

Yet, if you were to purchase storm windows without a warranty you could be faced with doing just that. In the event some part of the storm window breaks or fails to perform as needed, you could not return to the manufacturer and get a replacement at no cost. You would be forced to pay for the storm window weatherstripping repair or pay for a replacement even if the breakage was due to a faulty installation or a product defect. Of course, if you wanted to purchase lightly used storm windows, you may think you are going to have to face this risk anyway since no warranty would be available on used windows.

The reality is that in some cases you just may be able to get a warranty on used windows just as you could on new storm windows that you purchase. The easiest way to ensure that you are getting a warranty is to ask the manufacturer or dealer about this when buying your storm window products. Warranties may range from lifetime warranties to ten year warranties, and so on.

Naturally, the best warranty to look for is a lifetime warranty. Warranties may cover all parts of the window, including the hardware or screens, and may cover installation. However, since each warranty will likely be different it is very important that you get a chance to see, in writing, just what any prospective purchase is going to be warranted against.

Checking Warranty Terms

If you are moving to a home where there are existing storm windows, check with the seller about whether or not the windows are still under warranty. There are some instances where a somewhat used storm window product can be warranted. This would be one instance where this is possible. If the former homeowner had a lifetime warranty on the windows, it is possible that when you assume ownership the storm windows will be covered.

They may only be covered for another few years, rather than the lifetime in which you live in the home. However, they would be covered under a warranty. As for new purchases, you will be probably comparing a few different windows before settling on the one to buy. When it comes to this part of the purchase, it is vital that you pick the storm window with the best warranty. For instance, try to get a warranty that does cover the product for the lifetime of ownership.

Try to get a product that also covers the windows in the event there is a problem that occurs during installation which impairs their performance. Some warranties may not cover the units if they have been improperly installed. This may be the case unless you have an authorized manufacturer install the product for you.

Finally, make sure that if these windows are being purchased for a rental unit that this will not affect any warranty you are expecting to get. There are times where warranties are only for the homeowner and not a tenant. The terms of getting a warranty for storm window products must be thoroughly read and understood in order to get the best coverage and protection on your investment.

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