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Where to Dispose of Used Storm Windows

Buying new storm window for your property will include many decisions. These decisions will include everything from the style of storm windows you will be buying to the price that you will be paying for them. As such, this is likely a project that you spent some time deciding on and is one that you are glad to have finished. However, while the installation of the new storm windows may be complete, you are likely now facing a new dilemma. This dilemma is what to do with the old storm windows that were replaced with the new ones.

While you can choose to send the old storm windows to the landfill, this is not the ideal option for you to consider. This is not an ideal option because it will be negatively contributing to the environment and will likely result in dangerous elements such as the broken glass ending up in the landfill. As such, rather than throwing them away, consider a few greener alternatives. These greener alternatives can be easy to complete and will help you to do more of your part to conserve the environment for future generations.

Donate to Charity

One popular option when it comes to disposing of used storm windows is donating them to charity. Many people don't realize just how useful their used storm windows can be to those that are in need. However, while local charities may be eager for products such as this, they will still need to be in fair condition. As such, if the used windows have broken glass or other damaged elements, then donating them to charity may not be a possible option for you.

A few common charities that are known for taking used storm windows include house building ventures and local theater groups. If you have either of these in your local community or in the surrounding areas, you will need to inquire with the appropriate individuals regarding the donating process. Be sure to specifically follow the directions to ensure that your used storm windows are taken by the charity so you can dispose of them in the proper manner. This will also ensure you are properly assisting a good cause.

Consider Recycling Options

If you can't find a local charity that uses old storm windows or the old windows that you own are in very poor condition, then consider recycling the materials in them. You can either recycle the material to use in upcoming home projects or find recycling centers that will take the materials. If you decide to use the old storm windows in upcoming home projects, you will need to disassemble them with care. This must be done with care to avoid injury and also to ensure that the parts you will be using are not damaged in the process. From creating a greenhouse out of the old windows to using them as flower planters in your garden, the reusing options are actually quite vast.

If you decide that sending the old storm window materials to a recycling center is the most logical choice for you, then some additional steps will need to be taken. In particular, ensure that the local recycling center will take the windows and how they will need to be recycled. For example, you may need to send the old wood from the windows to one location and the glass to another. It is important to inquire on these things because this will ensure you know where to dispose of used storm windows in the best and fastest manner.

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