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Will Storm Windows Reduce my Energy Bills?

Installing storm windows is an important project to protect your house. With this installation, you will deter the possibility of a break-in and will also be more properly protecting the interior of the house from being damaged after a major storm. However, a question that property owners often now have is whether the installation of storm windows will reduce their energy bills. This is now often a frequent question because windows are often now ranked as energy star rated and some property owners are a little confused by what this term means.

As such, if you are considering installing storm windows on your property, it is important to ensure you receive the most possible value from this installation. By learning about how you can use storm windows to reduce your energy bills, you will make the most of this investment and will also reduce the other expenses that are associated with running the household. The following are a few ways that storm windows may reduce your energy bills.

Checking for Energy Ratings

One way to determine if the windows that you purchase are going to positively impact your energy bills is to ensure that they are energy star rated. This rating means that the windows have been developed with energy efficiency in mind. From better insulation to thicker glass, energy star rated windows are often considered to be extremely high in quality and valuable for those that purchase them. In addition, this investment may even allow you to qualify for tax rebates, depending on the specifics of your purchase and if tax rebates are still being offered by the government.

Many window manufacturers are now offering energy efficiency enhancing products so it is important to inquire on this factor during the storm window comparison process. By learning more about energy star rated windows and the ways in which a storm window can be used to reduce your expenses, you can make more from this purchase. This may also be the time to learn more regarding window coatings and how these films are used to reduce energy related expenses. In all, there are likely going to be vast options available to you to help you achieve your expense reduction goals.

The Importance of Installation

Apart from selecting high quality storm windows from a respected manufacturer, the installation process of those windows is also likely going to impact your energy bills. For example, you can purchase the highest of quality storm windows but, if they aren't installed correctly, you aren't going to experience the true benefits that they can provide. As such, you will need to learn more regarding the installation of storm windows and ensure that this process is completed correctly on your house. Whether installing removable or permanent storm windows, this installation process is going to be impacted by many things.

There are many ways that you can inspect the installation of the storm windows on your house. A main way to do this is by checking for air drafts around the window frame after the installation is complete. If drafts are occurring this can signify that a tight seal was not achieved or that the windows are improperly fitting. These are issues that should be resolved quickly. You can also monitor your energy bills to determine if the storm windows have reduced those energy bills. If you don't experience an energy bill reduction, it can be helpful to learn more about window coatings, caulking and other enhancements that may further increase energy conservation in the property.

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